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All subscriptions may include Premium Editions. A Premium Edition may result in a charge which will shorten the length of your subscription period. In 2022, there will be 13 Premium Editions and the charge for each Premium Edition may be up to $4.99. Premium Editions scheduled in 2022 are: Daily Herald’s Book of Puzzles and Brain Games 1/23; Food and Recipes 2/20; Remember When 3/20; Gardening/Home Improvement 4/10; Senior Resource Guide 5/15; Readers’ Choice Awards 6/5; Graduation 6/19; Puzzle Book 7/31; Fall Fun 8/28; Theater Season Preview 9/25; Holiday Cookie Book 10/30; Thanksgiving Day 11/24; and the 2023 Calendar on 12/11. The number, schedule and charge for Premium Editions will be announced by the Daily Herald prior to each calendar year and is subject to change. This information will be published regularly below the masthead of each Daily Herald edition. All prices include a newsprint surcharge of 40 cents per week to offset part of the seven increases in newsprint charges the paper has absorbed since October 2017. Automatic Renewal Service (EZ-Pay): By clicking Submit Order, you agree your subscription will renew and adjust to the designated rate and your credit/debit card will be charged accordingly after the introductory offer price in effect. Also note you are authorizing charges to your debit/credit card for your subscription (and any related products or services) at the then-current rate on a recurring basis (at then-current billing frequency) until you cancel your subscription. Please understand, as part of a generally applicable change, your subscription rate and/or billing frequency may change on a prospective basis by being provided with written notice to you at least 10 days prior and that, unless you cancel your subscription, your continued acceptance of delivery is acceptance of the changed rate and/or billing frequency. Also be advised all subscriptions include up to twelve Premium Editions per year. For each Premium Edition your account will be charged up to an additional $3.99 in the billing period in which the edition is published. This will result in shortening the length of your billing period. OFFER GOOD FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY (must be non-subscriber of the past 30 days) WHERE HOME DELIVERY EXISTS.