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  • St. Louis Post-Dispatch delivers by 6:00 AM on weekdays, 7:00 AM on Saturdays, and 7:00 AM on Sundays.
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  • A one-time activation fee of  $6.99  will be included in the total charge.

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OFFER VALID FOR NEW SUBSCRIBERS ONLY. Prepaid Orders Only. Limit one per customer per address. Payments received from current subscribers will be applied to their existing account at their current subscription rate. Offer valid only for Post-Dispatch billed routes where home delivery is available. The subscription price includes all applicable sales tax and a charge for the convenience of having the paper delivered. This fee is 30 cents per weekday and 48 cents per Sunday. To avoid delivery charges, call 1-888-785-3201 to arrange pick up of your paper at one of our local distribution centers or have it mailed (USPS postal charges will then apply). At the expiration date of the introductory term your subscription will automatically renew at the then current home delivery rate. Rates are based on the annual charges for premium days and/or plus sections as listed on page A2 in the St. Louis Post-Dispatch and timing of these charges may affect the length of the subscription. EZpay: initial payment will be debited at the time of order in the amount of $24.28 (7-day), $19.96 (Thurs-Sun) or $13.49 (Sunday Only) to account for the $6.99 account set up fee. Your monthly payment will be deducted in the amount of $17.29 (7-day), 12.96 (Thurs-Sun) or $8.63 (Sunday Only). This offer/ option is limited to customers paying through recurring credit card payments. You agree to be debited on the card provided the amount listed in the subscription offer. Debits occur on the 5th, 10th,19th or 27th of the month. Your monthly recurring charge date will be the closest debit date prior to your subscription start date. If you would like to change your charge date, please contact customer service. If the charge date falls on a weekend or holiday, your card will be charged on the next business day. Upon renewal you agree to have the same card number debited every month at the then current subscription rate. If credit/debit card fails, the Post-Dispatch reserves the right to resubmit a declined transaction up to four (4) times within sixteen (16) calendar days of the original authorization request. When updated credit card information is obtained you authorize the debit of your card for previous unpaid monthly charges. You may cancel this automatic billing option at any time by either calling Customer Service 1-888-785-3201 or writing to us at St. Louis Post-Dispatch/Attn: 3rd Floor Cash Processing, 900 N. Tucker Blvd., St. Louis, MO 63101. If payment is received by check, or if invalid credit card information is provided, subscription will start at the lowest non-EZpay offer. * First charge will include a onetime $6.99 account set up fee