Georgia Newspapers

Atlanta Journal-Constitution

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the sole daily newspaper in the metropolitan area of Atlanta, Georgia. It is the flagship publication of Cox Enterprises. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution is the outcome of the combination of The Atlanta Journal and The Atlanta Constitution. The Journal, an afternoon paper, managed the morning Constitution until the 1970?s. In November 2001, the two papers merged to create one daily morning paper, The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The two papers had published a combined edition on weekends and holidays for years. The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has four main sections daily. On Sundays, it has added sections. The main section usually is composed of Georgia news, Nation-wide news, World news, and Business news. The headquarters for the paper are located in Dunwoody, Georgia. The Journal-Constitution had a daily circulation of 195,592 and a Sunday circulation of 397,925.

Augusta Chronicle

The Augusta Chronicle is the main daily newspaper of Augusta, Georgia and is one of the oldest newspapers in the United States still being published. The Chronicle had a daily circulation of 55,444 and a Sunday circulation of 71,057 according to reports by the Audit Bureau of Circulations in March 2012. The paper was started as the weekly Augusta Gazette in 1785. In 1786, the paper was renamed The Georgia State Gazette. From 1789 to 1804, the paper was recognized as The Augusta Chronicle and Gazette of the State. The paper features sections such as the news, sports, business, opinion, and life. The paper was purchased by Morris Communications in 1945. Headquarters are located at 725 Broad Street Augusta, GA 30901. The publisher is William S. Morris III.

Columbus Ledger-Enquirer

A McClatchy newspaper, the Ledger-Enquirer was established in 1828 and is stationed in downtown Columbus, Georgia. The paper’s founder, Mirabeau B. Lamar, also played an essential role in the founding of the Republic of Texas. The newspaper is a proud, two-time awardee of the Pulitzer Prize for Public Service. Originally, what was then called the Columbus Enquirer, merged with the first daily newspaper of Columbus, called the Daily Sun. At the time in 1874, the paper was briefly known as the Columbus Enquirer-Sun. In the end, the paper is called what we now know as the Columbus Ledger-Enquirer and is edited by Dimon Kendrick-Holmes and published by Rodney Mahone. The paper circulates daily and on Sundays.

Macon Telegraph

The Telegraph, often referred to as the Macon Telegraph, is a McClatchy newspaper in Macon, Georgia and is the main print newspaper in central Georgia. It is the third-largest newspaper in the state. In 1826, Dr. Myron Bartlett established The Telegraph as a weekly newspaper. The first edition of The Telegraph came out on Nov. 1, 1826. In June of 2006, The Telegraph was purchased by The McClatchy Company with McClatchy's purchase of Knight Ridder. The current publisher is George McCanless and the editor is Sherrie Marshall. The paper is headquartered on Broadway in Macon, Georgia. The paper’s average circulation is 67,512 daily and 89,451 on Sundays.

Savannah Morning News

The Savannah Morning News is a daily newspaper in Savannah, Georgia. It is published by Morris, Inc. and serves Savannah, its metropolitan area, and parts of South Carolina. The Morning News is the only major daily newspaper of Savannah currently. William Tappan Thompson and John McKinney Cooper established the paper on January 15, 1850 as the Daily Morning News. In 1865, its named was changed to the Daily News and Herald. In 1868, Thompson returned to the paper after leaving for Europe and the paper was renamed again to The Savannah Daily Morning News for one edition, and then changed to the present name the following day. As of 2012, Mike Traynor publishes the publication, while Susan carton edits the Morning News. The headquarters are found in Augusta, GA on Broad Street. The Morning News readership is on average 39,656 daily and 52,493 on Sundays.