Iowa Newspapers

Cedar Rapids Gazette

The Gazette is a daily newspaper published in the American city of Cedar Rapids, Iowa. The newspaper is distributed throughout northeast and east central Iowa, including the Cedar Rapids and Iowa City metropolitan areas. The locally-owned Gazette Communications publishes The Gazette and two weekly newspapers, the Penny Saver in Linn County and the Community News Advertiser in Johnson County.

Council Bluffs Daily Nonpareil

The Daily Nonpareil is a daily newspaper serving Council Bluffs and a 10-county area of southwest Iowa. The Daily Nonpareil is southwest Iowa's largest newspaper.[1] It was founded on May 2, 1857.

Des Moines Register

The Iowa Star was founded in 1849 and was the first newspaper in Des Moines. In 1855, the Iowa Citizen began publication, and was renamed in 1860 to the Iowa State Register. In 1902, the Register merged with a descendant of the Star called the Des Moines Leader so it then became the Des Moines Register and Leader. In 1903, Des Moines banker Gardner Cowles, Sr. purchased the Register and Leader; the name became The Des Moines Register in 1915. Cowles also acquired two other papers as well. The Register became Iowa's largest and most influential newspaper, eventually adopting the slogan "The Newspaper Iowa Depends Upon." Newspapers were distributed all over the state by train and later by truck as Iowa's highway system was improving. The Register hired reporters in locations all over Iowa, and it covered national and international news stories from an Iowa perspective. In 1933m they set up their own news bureau in Washington, D.C. During the 1960s, circulation of the Register topped out at nearly 250,000 for the daily edition and 500,000 for the Sunday edition–more than the population of Des Moines at the time.

Mason City Globe-Gazette

Named for the Cerro Gordo County, The Globe Gazette began in 1862 and was called the Cerro Gordo Press. In 1925, Lee Enterprises purchased the newspaper in 1925 after it was called by many other names such as the Republican, the Express, the Express-Republican, the Freeman, the Western Democrat, the Herald, the Times-Herald, the Gazette, and the Globe. The newspaper had always published their edition in the afternoon Monday through Saturday until 1977, when the Saturday edition switched to morning publication. In 1981, everything was switched to a morning schedule.

Muscatine Journal

The Muscatine Journal traces its history to October 27, 1840, when the first issue of the weekly Bloomington Herald was released. On June 7, 1849, the town’s name was officially changed from Bloomington to Muscatine, and the newspaper then became the Muscatine Journal.

Quad-City Times

The Quad-City Times consists of four newspapers that have merged over the years: Democratic Banner, Davenport Gazette, Davenport Leader, and the Blue Ribbon News. Today, Quad-City Times is a daily morning newspaper based in Davenport, Iowa, and circulated throughout the Quad Cities metropolitan area. The Quad-City Times has been on the leading edge of technology, becoming the first all-electronic newspaper in 1973. Electronic pagination began in 1988, with all-digital photography taking root by 1994. According to the Iowa Newspaper Association, the Quad-City Times has a circulation of 61,366. The newspaper is owned by Lee Enterprises, which is also located in Davenport. The current publisher is Julie Bechtel and editor of the paper is Jan Touney. Headquarters are located at 500 E. Third Street Davenport, IA.

Sioux City Journal

The Sioux City Journal is the daily newspaper of Sioux City, Iowa. The publication distributes to western Iowa and portions of Nebraska and South Dakota. George and Henry Perkins bought the Sioux City Weekly Journal in 1869. It turned into a daily newspaper a year after it was purchased. The Journal, a morning paper, later combined with the Sioux City Tribune, an evening paper. In 1972, the Journal-Tribune Publishing Company was purchased by Hagadone Corp. and Howard Publications. The Journal dropped its afternoon editions and became a seven-day morning paper soon after the paper switched hands. Lee Enterprises Inc. bought the paper in 2002. The paper was named one of the "10 that do it right" by the publishing trade journal Editor and Publisher in 2009. The current publisher of the Journal is Ron Peterson and editor is Mitch Pugh. Its headquarters are found in Sioux City, IA on Pavonia Street. The Journal circulates 40, 626 daily and 41,894 Sunday.

Waterloo Courier

The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier is a daily newspaper published by Lee Enterprises for people living in Waterloo and Cedar Falls, Iowa as well as surrounding areas. The first issue of The Waterloo-Cedar Falls Courier was published on November 22, 1859, by WH Hartman and George Ingersoll.[2] The Courier changed to a daily newspaper in 1890, publishing in the afternoon every day except Saturday. In spring 2004, a Saturday morning edition was added.