Maryland Newspapers

Baltimore Sun

The Baltimore Sun, founded in 1837, is the largest daily newspaper in Maryland and owns the Capital Gazette and the Carroll County Times. Our mission is to deliver the truth every day. We bring you the stories that matter most, written without bias, so you can make informed decisions. The Sun's Pulitzer Prize-winning journalism works to protect your interests, help navigate your daily life and tell the stories that connect you with the communities where you live and work. We are headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland.

Hagerstown Herald-Mail

The Herald-Mail is the Tri-State Area’s newspaper serving the cities of Hagerstown, Chambersburg, and Martinsburg and surrounding counties of Washington in Maryland, Franklin and Fulton in Pennsylvania, and Berkeley, Jefferson, and Morgan in West Virginia. The Morning Herald was the first daily newspaper in Hagerstown, beginning publication in 1873. The Mail began in 1828 but was not a daily paper, The Daily Mail, until 1890. In 1920, the two papers merged. Average circulation consists of 70,400 adults daily and 79,100 adults for Sunday. 20% of the readership is from readers in Pennsylvania and West Virginia. The newspaper has a paid circulation of 25,677 Monday through Saturday and 31,806 on Sunday. The Herald-Mail has 60,000 average daily readers. The Herald Mail features news on the local and national level, sports, classified and lifestyle.