Montana Newspapers

Billings Gazette

The first newspaper in Billings was published in 1882. The first edition of the Gazette was published May 2, 1885, on a single sheet of paper. The Billings Gazette moved into its North Broadway Avenue building on July 20, 1968.

Butte Montana Standard

The Montana Standard is Butte's daily paper. It was founded in 1928 and is the result of The Butte Miner and the Anaconda Standard merging into one daily paper. The Standard is owned by Lee Enterprises.

Hamilton Ravalli Republic

Hamilton Montana News, Advertising and Information Ravalli Republic | Montana and Bitterroot Valley

Helena Independent Record

The Independent soon moved to Helena and began daily publication in 1874. The Herald later merged with the Montana Daily Record, which was founded in 1900. The new publication was renamed the Montana Herald-Record. And in 1943, another merger followed: this time with the Independent, to become the Independent Record.

Missoula Missoulian

The Missoulian is a daily newspaper published in Missoula, Montana. Its circulation is 75,900 on Sundays, 66,700 on weekdays. The Missoulian is the 2nd largest published newspaper in Montana, just behind the Billings. The Missoulian is published all through the city of Missoula, Montana, and also throughout most of western Montana. The paper was established as the Missoula & Cedar Creek Pioneer in 1870 by the Magee Brothers and I. H. Morrison by the Montana Publishing Company. The newspaper would provide a weekend edition until 1891 when the new owner, A.B. Hammond, changed it to a daily newspaper with Harrison Spaulding from the Missoula County Times as editor and publisher. After a short separation of ownership, both the daily and weekly Missoulians were returned to the Missoula Publishing Company with The Daily Missoulian keeping its name until 1961 when it was again called the Missoulian after being bought by Lee Enterprises.