Oklahoma Newspapers

The Oklahoman

The Oklahoman is the major daily newspaper in Oklahoma and is the only daily newspaper that covers the complete Oklahoma City area. The paper was founded in 1889 by Sam Small. The paper is owned by The Oklahoma Publishing Company (OPUBCO). The company and paper were taken over by Edward K. Gaylord in 1903 and have been in the family ever since. E. K. Gaylord passed the paper on to his son, who, after his death, passed it on to his daughter. OPUBCO Communications Group has won a number of awards for innovations, newspaper redesign, First Amendment coverage, sports coverage, and breaking news and in depth multimedia projects. The publisher of the Oklahoman is Chris Reen and the editor is Kelly Dyer-Fry. The paper has an average circulation of 147,212 on weekdays and 206,996 on Sundays. The Oklahoman headquarters can be located on North Broadway Ext in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

Tulsa World

The second-largest newspaper in Oklahoma, the Tulsa World is known to be among the few independent, family-owned newspapers in the United States. The Tulsa World has been Tulsa’s only daily newspaper since the afternoon daily, the Tulsa Tribune, stopped production in 1992. The Tulsa World has been owned by the Lorton family since 1917. Robert E. Lorton is chairman of the board of World Publishing Co. His son, Robert E. Lorton III, is publisher. Located at 315 S. Boulder Ave., the nine-story building extends through the block to Main Street and covers the entire area between Third and Fourth streets.